Darryl M Bell
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If we were stuck in the desert with no water or transportation & trailed by a kettle of vultures, @RobinRoberts cou… https://t.co/NLCU0myV7Q
Turns out, Alabama is full of surprises! #AlabamaSenateElection
The smoke from the Ventura fires has reached LA #besafe https://t.co/ODkrdUojEx
@MoniquePressley Thanks MP!
To my Brothers...19!! 06!! https://t.co/pvCNxlJauU


People are still talking about Prince’s 8 minute set recently on SNL. And for the record, it was banging! The Purple Bad One continues to make new music and show performers, young and old, what a master craftsman looks like. Prince is the only artist I can think of, where fans will listen, and jam, to music they’ve never heard before. Sure, we love the hits, but mostly, we love to see this man and his band perform. Period! But what I admire about Prince also makes me sad...
Nov 21
I’m a movie fanatic. I love film. I love the whole experience of going to the movies. As a rule, I never eat popcorn. I can’t watch a movie without popcorn. As a rule, I don’t eat candy…anymore. I can’t truly enjoy a film without Milkduds or M&M’s. There’s no greater example of me reacting like Pavlov’s dog than when I walk into a cinema.
Nov 04
I’m not a hardcore fashion connoisseur. I don’t read GQ or any other men’s fashion magazine regularly. I don’t debate the merits of bespoke versus off the rack. But when the time comes to get dressed, I know how to put the “C” in clean!
Oct 07